Bearded Dragon Accessories

Among all the fur-free creatures that can be used as pets, a bearded dragon is one of the best pets that you can keep. They are easy to keep in enclosed spaces due to their medium sizes. This makes it affordable and easy to cater to them. There exists a number of accessories that can be used to take care of the bearded dragons. In this article, however, we have greatly narrowed down your hustle with a review of some of the best bearded dragon accessories.

Bearded Dragon

Light: Exo Terra Heat-Glo Infrared Spot Lamp

You have to understand that external sources of heat are needed for your bearded dragon to stay alive and healthy. This is because they are cold-blooded reptiles hence they require to be kept warm. Providing an external source of heat is just like allowing them to busk in the sun just like they are used to in the natural environment. This lamp can help to serve this purpose by acting as an all clock round source of heat. The red tint in the bulb provides a means through which the air temperature around these reptiles is improved hence keeping them healthy and warm. Moreover, it depends on the exo terra bulb that you want since they are available in 150 watts, 100 watts, 75 watts and 50 watts. Continue reading “Bearded Dragon Accessories”

Best Turtle Filter Aquatic Turtles

Turtles always need to live in a clean environment. This means that you need to have a good filter system that can properly, efficiently and quickly clean the water the turtles live in. it also serves best turtles like painted turtles and sliders that are semi-aquatic. There exists a number of filters out in the market. Some are dangerous for the turtles hence you have to look for the best turtle filler to clean your turtle’s environment. In this article, we have reviewed a few filter options that you can always take.

Turtle tank

Fluval Series Filters

This is one of the best turtle filters in the market. It comes in a number of gallons of different sizes that you can always use to carry out your work. Filter Media are provided when purchasing and a warranty of 3 years is also provided. This system can be used by both the professionals and beginners to filter the turtle environment. The warranty provided in these turtle aquarium filters is the best since you can never get such a warranty in most of the other filters in the market. The quality of these filters is exceptional. However, this makes them a little more expensive than the other filters. Nonetheless, the quality, the services they provide and the warranty are worth your money. Continue reading “Best Turtle Filter Aquatic Turtles”